How To Backup Faster To a macOS Time Machine—Solutions

Time Machine is the greatest friend any macOS will have. However, getting Time Machine to pair up and backup quickly can often be quite a hassle and a total waste of time! Here are 5+1 great tips to help you back up faster on your Time Machine!

How To Backup Faster To a macOS Time Machine—Solutions

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Why Is Time Machine Backing Up So Slow?

We have all been there... We're excited to get a backup settled on our macOS Time Machine, but as the data on our primary drive grows larger over the years, the speed of backing up our drive content just gets slower and slower.

I myself had recently upgraded from a 1TB to a 2TB SSD. The increase in drive size meant an added issue of more data to be backed up.

Nonetheless, do Take Note that if it is your very first backup round on your Time Machine, you just have to expect that the process will take up a very long time to execute!

The following colated list of solutions that I have researched and trial-and-tested over the years and I hope that they will help ease your "Time Machine backup pains", as well as help you save a bit of time and monies in the process.