How To Install Multiple Ghost Blogs On One DigitalOcean Droplet—Guides

It can be quite daunting wanting to bring together multiple Ghost installations into one server. But is there any key benefits or what are the exact drawbacks? I outline a brief of my personal experimentations for Administrators who are keen to try out the same thing.
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How To Install Multiple Ghost Blogs On One DigitalOcean Droplet—Guides

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Why Would I Need Multiple Ghosts?

I wanted a server that is lightweight to manage yet flexible enough to handle potentially new experimental installs, such as additional Ghost / WordPress / ReactJS / etc., on top of the primary Ghost website I will be setting up on this One Server.

Given the experimental nature of this server, I also want full access to easily control, manage or migrate any of the webapp instances any time that I may choose fit in the future.

Additional Key Benefits

  • Monthly Cost-Savings—Serving up multiple server instances can be pretty pricy on a monthly basis. If you do not expect high traffic for the websites you are building, or you are practically just starting-out, you can consolidate a few of your websites within One server, save up on the additional costs and scale up eventually when you need to.
  • Consolidated Management Interface—Sometimes logging on to multiple SSH instances across multiple servers can be quite a hassle. Having a consolidated One-system-management does help to save time and confusion when managing multiple websites within one account.

Notable Drawbacks

  • Slightly Tedious To Setup—These setups generally require a decent level of Technical knowhow on coding languages, to fully enjoy the benefits over the long-term. If Technical-expertise is not your forte, it is highly recommendedly to leave the setup to the professionals, while you focus on the essential content-creation.
  • Limited Installs On One Server—The typical aim is to best-maximise the capacity of a server with multiple-Ghost-installs where needed. However from my personal experiments, the limt of DigitalOcean's Baseline USD5.00 Droplet is capped at a mere 2x Ghost installs. This is probably due to a 80-85% baseline server usage of the 1GB Memory, and every additional install requires another 150MB of available memory for "smooth service execution".
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