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5 Lessons To Take Note Before You Start Flying Your DJI Drone For The Very First Time—Solutions

Rated as one of the Top-Rated Articles published on, this writeup aims to give "straight-up" examples of what New Drone Pilots definitely Need-to-Avoid while flying for the first time. A Must-Read Right after you buy your Drone and before your attempt your first flight!
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5 Lessons To Take Note Before You Start Flying Your DJI Drone For The Very First Time—Solutions

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Like every hobbyist out there, there will definitely be moments when we are just too overly eager and just want to get started right away on our new hobby immediately after our first purchase.

Unlike every hobby out there, Drone-Flying is indeed a hobby that requires an individual to take some precautions beforehand, for the safety of yourself and the people around you.

I have crashed roughly 5x since the first purchase of my drone and repaired it for 2x and have been quite stable in flying ever since. There is always a high possibility of crashing or losing your drone if you go astray flying for the very first time, and I hope this advice will be useful for your maiden flight.
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Do take note that my experiences-sharing are primarily based on my DJI Mavic Pro drone, and some smaller drones may not need to adhere to the following suggestions. However, I will still strongly advise first-timers to still follow the suggestions to avoid any potential mishaps or heartbreaks.
Photo by Michael Mroczek on Unsplash
Of Course, the most fundamental First Step, is to ensure that all your Mavic Pro Batteries for both your DJI Mavic Pro + DJI Controller are fully charged prior to doing any flying, instead of fully rely on the pre-charged battery life to do your first test flight.
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The following short lessons are meant for brand-new beginners who have yet to take flight on their drone for the first time, in hopes to elevate your potential miseries that I myself have previously “suffered” while being too overly-eager:

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