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Why Another TheRobExperiment Website?

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Why Another TheRobExperiment Website?

Starting Afresh.

I’ve been toying around with this idea of having a minimalist, customised blog for quite a while since late 2019. I know often that when I start on something new, I may gradually drift into a “complex setup” mindset, preloading various possibilities and steps that I should take to prevent or avoid potential problems.

In fact, these ‘overthinking‘ and ‘over-preparation‘ processes may potentially be 98% true, but eventually, it either crippled my sense of how simple it could have been or just drown out even starting on the idea entirely.

Over the years, I found myself drifting away far too easily onto the many ideas that popped into my head. I do realise I needed an anchoring process to put down my thoughts and get my ideas sorted. Writing / blogging is a good way to help put down old ideas and memories so that new ones have the space to re-occupy.

Setting up THEROBEXPERIMENT, is my new way of reminding myself to put aside the complexities of thought and just simply write, clear my head, take more action in life moving forward in 2020 and beyond, and just simply move forward!

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Yes. The blog still exists and is still being updated from time-to-time since Jan 2017. Based on, the writing experience has been thoroughly enjoyable and simple. However, over time, I had found certain “platform restrictions“, which enabled Medium’s site-wide simplicity, limiting in terms of individual expressions on how I want my content to be viewed and expressed.

Oftentimes, I had found myself penning down lengthy drafts that did not progress towards their final publications which often resulted in a long backlog of work that I might have lost a writing flair to revisit the previous topic. Sometimes, it is probably my strong sense of ‘work-perfection‘ that has also co-attributed to these non-deliveries.

Eventually, I also found myself growing a slight-love-hate relationship with Medium as a platform. On the one hand, there is the greatness of the focus of writing with the large expanse of whitespace on the interface, as well as the additional ‘roll-over‘ content add-on function to add an extra flair to your writing work.

While on the other hand, there is this eventual realisation that ‘my-need-to-publish-perfectly‘, is closely tied to the knowledge that all content being published on Medium, will immediately be ‘judged and critiqued‘ by both algorithmic-bots and intellectual-editors, where I am somewhat being prompted the need to keep publishing only the best writing all the time. Needing to be perfect all the time is seemingly flawed and that unneeded pressure just stops me from producing new work and the vicious cycle just continues.

With the completion of an overdue, recent consolidation and refresh of my personal repertoire of websites in Nov 2020, I found a refreshed energy to follow up building this new website, THEROBEXPERIMENT, in hopes to muffles my recurring personal excuses and rekindle my interest to write and post my thoughts moving forward!

Bummer! Seems like you have found our very last post. Guess we have to work extra hard to write more posts soon!
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