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Amazon Is Now Quietly Taking A Shot At The Wedding Industry—Releases

Amazon is an eCommerce conglomerate, right? But, Amazon being in the wedding industry? Let's take a look at what business venture this business giant is diving into next.
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Amazon Is Now Quietly Taking A Shot At The Wedding Industry—Releases

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The Amazon brand is a global phenomenon that is synonymous with books, and 2-hour deliveries and is the forerunner in global eCommence, but do you know that they are secretly in the works of taking a shot at the wedding industry?

Understandably, the wedding market is a growing business year-on-year, with a global market size of USD 298 billon in 2019, it is definitely a pie big enough for Amazon to take notice!

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Amazon: A Wedding Registry?

Known as Amazon Wedding Registry, interestingly the service has been around for a number of years since 2014, and it touts itself as an “all-in-one-place” to gather all the needs of the Bride & Groom, for their special wedding day, as well as to other pre-wedding and post-wedding needs.

I would say that this is a very strategically-smart move, as this wedding registry marketplace can easily tap into Amazon’s vast selection of globally-sourced products, cross-selling capabilities as well as their highly-efficient global delivery services.

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Screenshot from Amazon Wedding Registry

Diving Into Their Benefits

In a brief overview, there are more-clearly-known shopping benefits of buying from Amazon, especially with Amazon Wedding Registry:

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Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash

Targeting The Wedding-Gifting & Post-Wedding Markets

After reviewing their offerings, I can foresee that the key rewards are primarily focused on “gift-sharing” and “post-wedding-initiatives”, and are all well packaged to enable easier access for the wedding guests, as well as the Bride & Groom to follow up thereafter.

Popular Wedding Gifts

A. Gift-Sharing

  • Use of Amazon Wedding Registry as a universal “listing” of useful items listed out by the couple, which can be group-shared / group-purchased by wedding guests, as a goodwill gifting gesture for the wedded couple.
  • Bonus gifts for the Bride & Groom, for items purchased by guests.
  • Follow-up “Thank You” gestures that simplify the couple’s appreciation post-purchase.
  • 5% Cash-back benefits for guests on large-ticketed items purchased with the use of the Amazon Rewards Card.

B. Post-Wedding Initiatives

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My Take

All in all, I do believe that Amazon Wedding Registry does help to put in a subtle plug and help facilitate the shopping needs and preferences of newlyweds on the market.

Though I do not foresee it being a primarily-large market that Amazon is focusing on its efforts in the bigger picture, as the Amazon Wedding Registry is being set up as an alternative shopping interface into its global marketplace, I do believe this initiative does a little good for newly-weds, who may want a “free” service that will help along with their wedding plans, and especially their new-home-to-be furnishings.

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