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Enable HTTPS On Your Custom Domain With SmugMug And CloudFlare Accounts—Tech Repairs

Enabling HTTPS is ever-so-critical to help our websites stay relevant, secure and visible for our audience. SmugMug has this nagging problem with CloudFlare & here's a working solution to enable HTTPS for your SmugMug via CloudFlare!
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Enable HTTPS On Your Custom Domain With SmugMug And CloudFlare Accounts—Tech Repairs

SmugMug is one of the great image-hosting services on Today's market for Photographers. However, the biggest issue that still persists today is the problem with routing it through a 3rd-party CDN service like CloudFlare. This writeup helps to resolve the slightly technical "rewiring" necessary to enable a more customised URL porting plus tapping on the benefits of the CloudFlare service.

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Heads Up: I’m neither an Official Ambassador of SmugMug nor CloudFlare. Just an avid user who faced a problem and decided to share it, since I got help from the Internet myself. If you don’t have a SmugMug account and would like to get a 20% discount on your new account, you can use my referral link: https://go.therobexperiment.com/smugmug

• • •

The Usual Setup.

It’s quite common practice these days to have at least the following in your web hosting setup:

Domain Registrar ← → CDN / DNS / Firewall ← → Web Host

More often than not, this whole setup adds up to a Lot of Money ($$$) !!!

In this special case of mine, instead of my usual WordPress setup, which had a few notable issues arising for translating my work into photo prints, I’ve decided to finally use SmugMug as a means to resolve all my issues at once.

OR so I’ve thought

• • •

The SmugMug Issue.

In theory, it was so easy! But in practice, I had a few issues surface while doing so. The main issue here is that I’m actually very used to having CloudFlare as part of the workflow management of my websites. And needless to say, I loved it very much!

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