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Upgrade Macbook Pro 15″ 2014 SSD To NVMe—Part 2: The Upgrade

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Upgrade Macbook Pro 15″ 2014 SSD To NVMe—Part 2: The Upgrade

The process went smoothly without a hitch. However, the Macbook Pro 15" 2014 saw some level of speed bumps but is unable to fully tap on the maximum Read / Write speeds probably due to the aging system. After weeks of usage, it is a useful & value-for-money upgrade for extending the lifespan use of the laptop

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Decisions Made Prior

You can read up on my intent, research, analysis, and rough decision-making prior to this actual experiment at Part 1: Research, to get a better understanding before moving onto the following article, which will break down my experimental journey.

• • •

Heads-Up On The Actual Time Taken For This Project

Overall, the process took me quite a while (Roughly 2-4 weeks, especially ordering from China) to complete, primarily due to the delivery waiting time, and secondly, some of the actual preparation work.

• • •

What I Actually Paid For

The 3 items I bought came in multiple deliveries and took me some waiting time for all to arrive before I can start assembly.

Finally, everything has arrived and ready for assembly!
  1. 1x Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD—(Right Item)—This was way smaller than I had expected, especially after taking it out of the box! It literally can fit into the palm of my hand!
  2. 1x Sintech NGFF M.2 NVMe SSD Adapter Card—(Center Item)—Not surprising, the kit was as small as the NVMe SSD, but the kit was simple and compact, with the additional screwdrivers that came complimentary as a set.
  3. 1x Apple Mac A1398 SSD Casing USB 3.0—(Left Item)—This was quite a ruggedized construct. The exterior of the case was well-machined but the internal board was quite hard to access or pull out. Took me quite a while to force it out. But the kit came as advertised.
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