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How To Use Flickr Downloadr To Bulk Backup All Your Flickr Albums On A Mac?—Solutions

A very much-needed macOS solution for those who have massive albums stored within Flickr over the years but may decide to have a "physical backup copy", just in case there are other options available.
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How To Use Flickr Downloadr To Bulk Backup All Your Flickr Albums On A Mac?—Solutions

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Having A “Backup” Plan

I’ve been a loyal Flickr user since 2009 and a Flickr Pro user for some years in between till now. The sad truth is that when the membership cost of the Pro account got jacked-up way too often and much, without any significant changes to their web app experience, other than the improved speeds of their customer service.

At my 11-year mark of having roughly 270k+ photos within my Flickr library, I have really uploaded quite a bit over the years and would love to have a way to back-it-all-up somehow.

Not Much Choices For Mac

After spending numerous hours finding potential solutions for the macOS, I just realized that all of them point back to a great open-source software called Flickr Downloadr!

However, the biggest problem is despite the raving reviews, I just can’t seem to get it properly installed to use it, especially when using macOS Catalina (v10.15) and above. Sadly, their website didn’t really provide any help that I can find to get the installer working… So I have to find my way around it! 🧐

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