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5 DJI Drone Accessories You Must Get While Planning To Fly Overseas—Reviews

Here are 5 Key Items to "Definitely Get" prior to Flying a Consumer Drone for the first time, as it will just increase the safety of your drone flight, as well as transporting your drone in a portable and safe manner.
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5 DJI Drone Accessories You Must Get While Planning To Fly Overseas—Reviews

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As advised in my article 5 Lessons To Take Note Before You Start Flying Your DJI Drone For The Very First Time for beginner drone pilots, I will talk about 5 very useful items to help complement your new DJI Mavic Pro setup.

Do take note that my experiences-sharing are primarily based on my DJI Mavic Pro drone, and some smaller drones may not need to adhere to the following suggestions. However, I will still strongly advise first-timers to still follow the suggestions to avoid any potential mishaps or heartbreaks.
Should you require further advice on other drone setups, do let me know, so that I may do another write-up on your behalf.
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The following few items are the Top 5 Must-Have Stuff I have purchased for myself, amongst a mixed set of other items, that have eventually been one-way or the other, proven very useful throughout my own drone flights:

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#1. Beyondsky Portable Fireproof Battery Safe Bag / JUMBO Fire Resistant Lipo Battery Bag

This is one item that you highly-recommended if you are planning to bring your drone and the batteries on board your flight. It is airline regulation to store your drone LIPO batteries in these fireproof bags, as a sort of protection measure to contain the potential combustion of these highly-flammable batteries during flight.

Having these huge capacity batteries in these bags does give me a peace-of-mind, as I store the batteries with my DSLR camera equipment when I travel, and I would not want them to potentially burn up during flight, which will cause more harm to others than just the cost.

• • •

#2. DJI Mavic Pro Low-Noise Propellers

This low-noise version of propellers has been a godsend. DJI Mavic Pro drones are infamous for their “bee-swamp-like-noise-hum”, and these propellers, though slightly more pricer, allow me to do my take-offs and landings, on a slightly quieter note, especially while flying near some housing areas.

The actual science behind it is that it has improved the curvature of the propellers and will roughly add a few extra minutes to your flight time, which is a definite plus point, especially since the actual drone’s flight time is roughly only 20-minutes. Getting this is more of a friendly, courtesy gesture as a drone pilot.

Also, do remember that you have to get 2x boxes of these, as each box only comes with 2 sets of propellers.
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